• AMPSAA Membership


    AMPSAA’s mission is to provide excellence in medicine by promoting U.S. healthcare standards through partnerships with all medical and surgical fields. We are a platform for all practitioners to achieve this goal together for their patients.

    We believe the best healthcare is delivered by an inclusive team approach. Therefore, we promote working partnerships not only with physicians and surgeons but also with non-physician providers such as dentists and podiatrist. We encourage a global medical platform dedicated to achieve aesthetics and wellness of the body and mind.

    Benefits of Membership

    We strive to provide opportunities for US physicians, surgeons and dentists to interact on an international platform.

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    Membership Process

    Every application is reviewed by the board of directors. We will notify you electronically after the review process.

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    Get Connected

    We want to help bridge the international medical community with qualified US doctors to meet their aesthetic and wellness needs.

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