• Benefits of Membership

    AMPSAA is a platform to…

    Connect with national and international medical communities through our social media networks and educational programs 

    Connect with US and world medical and surgical leaders

    Connect with global healthcare communities and industry leaders

    Encourage the best practices of medicine and surgery

    Encourage collaboration with medical education

    Encourage collaboration with medical research

    Inspire each other and improve one another for the benefit of our patients to advance the world of medicine together.

    Understanding the Global Stage

    We want to help guide our members through the maze of international expansion, with a focus on exploring countries where AMPSAA members can make a difference in people’s lives.

    Multi-Specialty Physician Platform

    We believe all organ systems, internal and external, need to be optimal in order to be healthy, radiant and youthful. No single specialty, whether surgical or medical, can help a person achieve true beauty and wellness. Collectively, a multi-specialty approach provides the best care for people.

    Membership Potential

    • Opportunities to expand private practice with international patients in the US
    • Opportunities for global philanthropic service or provide support
    • Opportunities to network with other US physicians in the Association
    • Opportunities in international healthcare jobs such as teaching and consulting with a global audience

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