• About AMPSAA

    Who we are?

    American Medical Physicians and Surgeons Advancement Alliance (AMPSAA) is a team of Board Certified and Board Eligible American physicians, surgeons, and dentists whose mission is to help people achieve wellness.

    We are a global platform to connect doctors to each other and the communities they wish to reach.

    We help to bridge the international medical community with qualified American doctors to meet their wellness needs.

    Our goal is to encourage the collaboration of American and International experts to help improve lives around the world.

    We believe whole patient care is a collaborative effort amongst all specialties in medicine, surgery, and dentistry.

    We aim to improve world health by encouraging a global community in clinical medicine, surgery, medical education, and medical research.

    What we are doing?

    We C.A.R.E. about bridging doctors to encourage in each other the best practices of medicine and surgery around the world by Collaborating to Advance Research and Education.

    August 17-18, 2019, we had the first China-US International Medical Summit in Beijing, China. 18 of our American physicians and surgeons from all around the US collaborated with 29 Chinese physicians and Surgeons and presented almost 50 lectures within 2 days in 4 parallel forums in the fields of:
    Neurosciences and Geriatrics
    Oncology Therapeutic Options
    Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
    Maternal Fetal Medicine

    Afterwards, a few of us visited many different hospitals across eastern China to listen and learn how we can Collaborate to Advance Research and Education.

    Why we are doing this?

    Did you know an average physician in China sees around 80 patients a day?
    Did you know that obstetricians in China are not trained in ultrasound?
    Did you know China is one of the world’s leader in cleft palate repair and their most famous cleft palate surgeon repairs 600 cleft palates annually?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are far more informed than most of our AMPSAA physicians and surgeons were before we began collaborating. Although American doctors don’t see 80 patients a day, most of us are very busy in our daily practices caring for our patients and yet, we want to help the world improve. To implement real lasting change is costly. We believe collaboration is beneficial to the world.

    We have begun a free e-newsletter, AMPSAA Report, as a communication tool to learn about each other by highlighting outstanding doctors and their research and allowing members a platform to communicate with each other across the nation and around the world.

    Future Medical Conferences
    We would like to plan future national and international conferences and invite speakers who are specialists in their fields so we can help providers improve.

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