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    December 6, 2019 0

    Tom Garrison, MD
    CEO/Founder/Owner Aesthetic Physicians, PC in Scottsdale Arizona Medical Practice provider to Sono Bello, the largest private plastic surgery provider organization in the US.


    Hot topics in the aesthetic world seem to be men and millennials. While the overall aesthetic market continues to grow these 2 sectors are outpacing the rest. According to the 2018 statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 20 % of surgical and non-surgical procedures were done by those 18-34 years of age. Men currently comprise just over 7% of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. A few years ago most men seeking procedures were middle aged trying to stay relevant in the work force and the dating game. Now much of this has shifted to male millennials who are more aesthetically oriented and value preventive care. In our research here are the profile for these subgroups within the aesthetic market.

    Thrifty discount shoppers who love a bargain. Spend on comforts and work-life balance. Prefer health natural food and designer coffees. Value cell phones, eating out, vacations, hobbies, electronics and social media. To a large degree they have been shaped by the internet. Determined not to age as their parents did they readily invest in prevention and slowing of the aging process. Convenience driven they must be catered to in an aesthetic practice. They prefer mono therapy (vs comprehensive packages) with less down time and less cost. Millennials are better educated about their health and choices being more likely to know exactly what they want. In many instances they have watched the procedure on line and know what to expect. Procedures emphasizing a natural and understated aesthetic look are preferred. There was even one study that indicated an increase in aesthetic services based on wanting to look better in their selfies. There seems to be no lower limit to the age when aesthetic procedures become desirable.

    One study showed that most men use a basic skin care regimen and over half had experience with injectables. The drawbacks for men appear to be cost and down time. Men tend to prefer fewer choices and are more likely to opt for surgery with its longer term results. Men generally are more direct in their needs, less likely to try less invasive options first and more likely to book in their initial consultation. Less influenced by social media they have a predilection to their jawline and submental (chin) regions as well as neuromodulator injections.

    Men and Millennials are not the largest segments in the aesthetic landscape but are increasing in importance and have unique drivers. Clearly desiring and deserving of aesthetic services one would be remiss to ignore their specific needs.

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