• A Big Success on CIMS 2019

    September 26, 2019 0

    The first China-US International Medical Summit held in Beijing, China this August 17,18, 2019 was fantastic!

    Our American speakers panel of 18 physicians and surgeons including 9 AMPSAA members, were invited to the official opening ceremonies of the national conference, China-Hospeq. We were seated in the third row in front of many other international delegates and had the opportunity to meet Robin Ma, theDeputy Department Director, Department of Health Industry Promotion of the People’s Republic of China, National Health Commission, who thanked us for coming and looked forward to future collaborations.

    The following day, our 4 forums were all well attended with over 80% attendance (not bad for a conference that was designed and executed within 4 months). We had 29 elite Chinese physicians and surgeons join our lecturing and discussion panels. Together, our 4 forums, had a grand total of 49 American and Chinese speakers. Many Chinese physicians personally came up to me to thank AMPSAA for organizing CIMS.

    After CIMS, our team and four physicians (Leif Rogers MD, Edward Lee MD, Helen Feltovich MD and Jia-Yia Liu MD) traveled to visit hospitals in Baoding, Jinan, Shijiazhuang, and Chengdu, China to connect with local hospitals officials, entrepreneurs, and providers. In addition, Dr. Rogers and Dr. Lee were speakers in China’s national cleft palate society conference and scrubbed in on a few cases. Dr. Feltovich and Dr. Liu met with a variety of administration officials and physicians including obstetricians, radiologists and neonatologists. Apparently we have made 3 million new physician friends in China!

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